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Precision Custom Development

Our custom app development solutions and unforgettable digital experiences will delight your customers and fast-forward your business goals.

Top Three Benefits

Our Custom Development Solutions are

Our low-overhead app development model gets great applications to you in a fraction of the time that our competitors require.


We learn your business first, then we develop desktop, mobile and CRM apps that integrate into your business and marketplace.


We anticipate your customers’ needs and deploy custom apps that serve them better and help you understand why they buy.


Heroku Apps

Our powerful, flexible Heroku deployments create an online bridge connecting your customers to your CRM — so you always have current, credible market data.

Heroku Deployments offer you these capabilities:

  • Quickly develop and deploy cloud applications
  • Build top-of-the-line connections to the Salesforce platform
  • Meet enterprise needs with Node.js, and other open source languages
  • Create powerful APIs that integrate with your business platform
  • Create speedy, single-page apps coupled to your web environment that can be reused for hybrid-native mobile and desktop development

Electron Apps

Using the Electron framework, the apps we create for you will mimic the functionality of mobile and web apps. This way, your in-house apps will have the familiar look and feel and usability of mobile applications.

Heroku deployments offer you these capabilities:

  • Build desktop applications that have sleek, modern user interfaces that people have come to expect from web-based apps
  • Develop cross-OS desktop apps with a responsive design and elegant user experience. This provides a sleek, user-friendly UI that can run on Windows, OS X, or Linux
  • Build desktop apps with JavaScript to create a uniform user experience regardless of platform
  • Reduce your cost of ownership by building your app once in javascript and deploying it anywhere (web, mobile, desktop)

Salesforce Solutions

Our Salesforce consulting experts tap into the full range of the service’s applications and capabilities to give you the CRM solution matching your precise business needs.

  • Sales Cloud

    Make the most of your Salesforce investment: from getting things started off right to custom code that works with your current processes. Avoid the common mistake companies make with Sales Cloud: assuming they can turn it on and it will magically work perfectly. Your Salesforce investment needs to be supplemented with planning, execution, and training for it to successfully become a core tool in your business.

  • Pardot

    Marketing automation is growing at an unprecedented pace. Pardot is a best in class tool that is both powerful and simple. We help get you started and integrated with CRM and help your marketing team harness the power of Pardot as it becomes a focal point in your marketing plans, executions, and successes.

  • Service Cloud

    Manage your customer service faster and smarter with Service Cloud. We integrate and build Service Cloud to be the backbone of your service team and enable you to track tickets and close them efficiently, automate tasks, escalate items so you team stays focused, deliver support from anywhere (phone, email, social media, apps, or any other channel) and personalize the customer care experience so your customers stay happy.

  • Salesforce Quote to Cash

    Salesforce Quote to Cash (formerly CPQ Steelbrick) is a saving grace to many businesses. However, if it is not properly set up, it can also add more havoc. We help with complex pricing structures, add on sales, bundles, discounts, and other business needs. Our experienced experts know what it takes to make your implementation a success!

  • Wave (Analytics Cloud)

    Your business decisions need to be made quickly and accurately so you can beat your competitors. Wave can give you the business intelligence insight you need into your business, but only if you have the right data in the right place - whether that data lives in Salesforce or in other sources. We bring that data to you so you can drill down and know you are making the best decisions with the best data.

  • Customized Solutions

    Your business is unique in its target audience, internal processes, and business approach. Sometimes the tool stack available “off-the-shelf” doesn’t suit your unique needs. In these cases, we help spec and build a solution that will fit your unique needs and help you in your prospecting, marketing, sales, and custom application efforts.

Cordova/Ionic (Mobile Applications)

With a focus on web technologies we leverage powerful frameworks, so that you can take your web applications with you wherever you go, even offline.

Cordova/Ionic deployments offer you these capabilities:

  • Make mobile easy, integrated, and built to scale
  • Reuse the same responsive elements from your web application to create related hybrid mobile applications.
  • Reuse most of the client code generated for the web experience in hybrid-native mobile applications that are cross-OS compatible while still connecting back to the core API that drives the web experience.

How We Do It

The PLAN Stack

This application stack enables us to quickly build new applications with carefully chosen frameworks and hosting services, providing a low cost of maintenance utilizing JavaScript.

The PLAN App Accelerator is built on an evolution of the MEAN stack that we are calling the PLAN stack; named after PostgreSQL, Loopback, Angular 2, and Node. The goal of the PLAN stack is to support environment-agnostic application development for desktop, mobile, and web.

  • Loopback provides a self-documenting core REST API that ensures uniform functionality on any device, while Angular 2 provides a responsive UI that can be bootstrapped for any environment. The stack as a whole was built with the mantra "JavaScript Back-to-Front."
  • Out-of-the-box it provides: ORM-centered rapid REST API development, a self-documenting REST API explorer, support for a wide range of SQL and NoSQL databases, support for external email services, and even the ability to integrate external REST/SOAP APIs through the ORM.
  • Our front-end, we wanted to find a framework that would be able to leverage Loopback's convenient API functionality on the widest variety of platforms. Angular 2 has flexible bootstrapping and the way that single-page applications interact with servers lends itself to the Loopback back-end. Through technologies like Cordova, Ionic, and Electron, it is possible to use the same Angular 2 code base in Android, iOS, and desktop applications that all leverage the same API as the core web application.
  • With Heroku as our target hosting platform for web applications, PostgreSQL was the preferred choice for SQL database out of the readily available add-ons, due to being supported Heroku Connect.

Let's build something together. It's time.

  • Bruce Irving

    VP of Professional Service

    Exponent Partners

    ...astute software architects, talented at scoping and estimating work and in developing innovative quality software deliverables"

    RadialSpark is pioneering an internal training 'bootcamp' to bring developers up to speed quickly, as well as developing a 'software factory' to optimize management of parallel agile projects.

  • Julian Noss

    Senior Enterprise Channel Manager


    RadialSpark allowed us to swiftly execute on client needs, while delivering more holistic end solutions"

    We are ecstatic to be working with RadialSpark. Automation and process optimization are core values at both PandaDoc and RadialSpark. We're very excited to continue driving value to our clients together.

  • Mike Salem

    Lead Solution Engineer


    Justin has been so great to work with and has gone the extra mile with his team to build a quality product"

    What I appreciate the most is the prescriptive recommendations Justin provides whenever an issue comes up because it allows me to see all of the information I need to make a decision.

  • Tim Strecker

    IT Director


    As the full scope of the project is realized, the Heroku-based system will become a single source of trust for all data within the IAIW"

    The matter management layer built in Heroku by the RadialSpark team gives us the ability to choose from a wide pool of support personnel.

  • Chase Larson

    Sales Ops. Director

    Six Pack Shortcuts

    RadialSpark was able to quickly adapt and understand our unique sales process"

    They provide immediate ROS (400%) with their custom solutions. RadialSpark's work enabled us to close an incremental million dollars in a single month.